Imagine being able to go about your day knowing that you look fantastically appealing to everyone that looks your way. Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with this type of natural beauty – but there’s nothing stopping you from convincing others that you don’t fall into this category. At DFA, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most luxurious beauty treatments imaginable – all of which help to promote natural health in a way that simply can’t be achieved otherwise.

Beauty salons are a dime a dozen and we feel that blending in with our competition would make us just as mundane as they can be. As a result, we only employ the most highly trained experts in the industry, whilst extending the fairest prices to our customers in the process. This combination of world class services and affordable costs has led to us being seen as one of the best salon spas in the area – and when booking with us, we’re sure that you’ll soon agree!

Our experts

Our team have been sourced from some of the most reputable colleges and universities in Australia and as each will have undertaken several years of training at the minimum, you can rest assured that the services that we provide are as effective as they are affordable. We prefer to maintain a team that specialises in a variety of treatments and therapies, so we can all but guarantee to have an expert for everyone.

Our prices

Many of our clients find themselves asking how we can afford to keep our costs so low, considering the high level of quality that we provide throughout every type of treatment. The truth is that we strive to keep our overhead costs low and this means that we can extend discounts to our clients, whether they’re in need of an extensive therapy, or a quick manicure.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this makes it easy for you to book our services at a time and date that suits you. Being a salon with day spa facilities allows us to cater to a variety of needs and preferences, without sacrificing on the quality of our services – and this is something that thousands of clients have appreciated to date.

Don’t just take our word for it – why not get to know what our clients think about our services by taking a look at our reviews? When you’re ready to make an appointment, simply give our friendly receptionist a call, or send her a quick email and she’ll be sure to book your session in at a time that suits you!